CVP project going on at full-speed

Just coming from a great dinner with the client and one important supporter to the client, I start to feel really good and proud of our contribution in the ongoing CVP project for the client.

CVP, or Cambridge Venture Project, is one of the specialities of the Cambridge MBA. Every full-time MBA student, as part of a team of four or five, is engaged with a client on a specific business challenge. It is a side project during Michaelmas term, when the normal classes are running during day time. The exciting part of the CVP  is that it is to do with a real business, often small scale, start-up enterpernership oriented although not necessarily, and typically based in Cambridge, a city that is just full of scientific innovations by nature.

With three other bright classmates, we got allocated to a little special client in our CVP project, a classical music charity based social enterprise. While the project is still ongoing at the full speed with three calendar weeks remaining, I already learnt so much out of it.

Firstly, I started to understand what a social enterprise really is in practice – how a charity based company can run itself in a semi-commercial way with tremendous social aspects. It is a fine balancing point for a social enterprise to make decisions about, in many fronts. Secondly, I got a real taste of financial statements while learning accounting and corporate finance at the same time. What a great opportunity it is to apply the things just learnt in the morning into the CVP project in the evening! Finally, I gained a concrete feeling how a small organisation runs in real. Our client is a 7-person small organisation, and we got a chance to talk and work with many of them, including the CEO, Development Director and a few others. Having worked with only the giant companies in the past, I feel refreshed when I see these great people working effectively and efficiently in such a small team!

Above all, CVP is also about building relationship with the team mates and learning different cultures. Four of us are from four different countries, China, US, Thailand and Jordan, and in addition, from four different professional background, telecom industry, marketing, trading and investment. Learning in-depth from each other forms a big part of the CVP and MBA as a whole.

So where are we going? I definitely see a promising CVP mark ahead and the values we are going to add to our dear client!