Zhengyu Chen

This is the official personal web site of Zhengyu Chen (in Chinese: 陈峥宇).

Born and grown up in China, having worked in Finland for 10 years, I am a passionate mobile software management professional in telecommunication industry.

During my spare time, I play badminton and volleyball very often. I enjoy photography, for long time on landscapes pictures while travelling, but I started to develop an interest in photographing people as well.

I hold BEng degree in Electronic Engineering from Beijing University of Technology in China, and MSc degree (with distinction) in Communications Engineering from Tampere University of Technology in Finland. Currently, I am going through a systematic learning journey on business knowledge as part of MBA 2012-2013 program at Judge Business School, University of Cambridge in the UK.

The permanent address of this website is: http://zhengyu.e-chen.com

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